Dear Bonpo Sangha,

with a great pleasure we would like to invite you for the retreat with Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche. The retreat will be on the 18th- 24th of January in Slovakia. Khenpo Rinpoche will be teaching the practice of Atri (A khrid) of Dzogchen and Tsa Lung, Trulkhor and Tummo. The retreat will be oriented on meditation.

Below you will find more details send by Khenpo Rinpoche.

The cost for the teaching for now is 20 eur per day. This price might be reduced, depend on how many people will be attending. If we have enough people to cover Rinpoches expanses and of course some money to give him as a gift, we will reduce the price for the teaching.

If you would like to attend the whole retreat, it is necessary to register the latest 26th of December. We need to know the exact number of interested people to book the place. We are looking for the place in the country side. We will inform you as soon as we know the exact price for the accommodation and food. The price for the accommodation and food ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) is excluded and the cost will be around 20- 30 euro per day. The price for the accommodation and food will be payed directly to the owner.

If you have financial difficulties, the price for the teaching can be  reduced.

The practice of Atri (A khrid) of Dzogchen

1. Guru yoga practice
2. Concentrating the mind on an object with attribute or on white A
3. Concentrating mind on sounds
4. Searching for the mind
5. The sign arising from fixation on white A
6. Concentrating on without object or equiposing in awareness without attribute
7. Remaining in awareness with lion's gazing on pure space
8. The direct introduction to the awareness of Dzogchen or the natural state of mind with example, meaning and sign
9. The direct introduction to self originated wisdom with the method using nadi, prana, bindu and syllables practice

The daily practice of Magyud Tsalung, (Prana practice of the Mother-Tantra) Trulkhor (Yantra) and Tummo (Chandali).

1. Nine Purification Breathings རླུང་རོ་དགུ་ཕྲུག

2. The rlung practice with four aspects རླུང་སྦྱོར་ཡན་ལག་བཞི་ལྡན།

3. Practice with the Upward Moving Wind གྱེན་རྒྱུའི་རླུང་སྦྱོར།

4. Practice with the Life-supporting wind སྲོག་འཛིན་གྱི་རླུང་སྦྱོ།

5. Practice with the Fire-equalising wind མེ་མཉམ་གྱི་རླུང་སྦྱོར།

6. Practice with the All-pervading wind ཁྱབ་བྱེད་ཀྱི་རླུང་སྦྱོར།

7. Practice with the Downward moving wind ཐུར་སེལ་གྱི་རླུང་སྦྱོར།

8. Tummo practice གཏུམ་མོའི་ཉམས་ལེན།

9. Benefits of these practices: These methods help to make all meditative practices more stable, and in particular, they enable the practitioner to recognize the awareness of Dzogchen much more clearly. Furthermore, these methods assist in healing all diseases such as heart problems, malfunctions of the lungs, liver and kidneys, or any problem. These practices strenghten all the inner organs as well as the digestive system.

After the 15th of January I will not be able to answer your mails.

We are looking forward to spend the time with you all.

Warmly and with best wishes,