Gutor ritual and Bön-Losar 2023

In 2023, the date of the traditional Tibetan New Year of nomads and farmers, "Bi-Lug Losar" (literally, Yak-calf and sheep Losar - on which farm animals are given special treats) or "Sonam Losar" (literally, agriculture Losar), is January 22.

In the week leading up to Bi-lug Losar, January 15-22, 2023, Lama Sangye performs the Gutor ritual of the wrathful Sherab Jyamma. We will also practice some other customs for good luck and the dispelling of obstacles in the coming year.

On January 20, following the culmination and end of Gutor (in the late morning), there will be, in the afternoon, several additional rites for good luck in the New Year, such as ransom and washing practices, as well as, in the early evening, Guthug, the soup with nine ingredients. The timeline is: