Yeshe Sal Ling Bön center in Sankt Radegund bei Graz before renovations

This is the building of Yeshe Sal Ling Bön center as it presented itself in 2014: a pleasant villa from the 1880s, in a quiet area, surrounded by greenery, but badly in need of repairs. Lama Sangye saw the house and declared it favorable for meditation: situated at an altitude of 750m, exposed towards south and east with a mountain behind it on the north side.

Lama Sangye already gave a week of Ma Gyud Phowa teachings in the unrenovated building in March 2015, but the facts that there was no heating, and that water and plumbing were only partially working made it clear that extensive repairs were necessary.

Meanwhile, the necessary repairs are almost completed. Yongdzin Tendzin Namdak Rinpoche, Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche, Lama Sangye Mönlam and seven other Lamas have performed a consecration ceremony and the center is now open for personal retreats and teachings.

Some part of the renovations, mostly paint jobs, are not yet completed. We are looking for volunteers to paint walls and wooden window-shutters, and to cook and clean, in exchange for teachings by Lama Sangye Mölam in November 2015. If you are interested, send email to (Sophie). This is an opportunity to do something valuable for Bön, for the Lamas, who are doing so much for us, and for our fellow Bön practitioners, and to receive teachings on topics of your choice. If you send mail with a request for a specific teaching, Lama Sangye will consider it when he determines the topics of his teachings this Fall. See the planned schedule and the information for volunteers.

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