the MA-TRI mantra of the Yungdrung Bön tradition detail from the MA-TRI thangka showing Tonpa Shenrab and 
Sherab Jyamma in yab-yum surrounded by the Buddhas liberating the 
six 6 realms of samsara

The MA-TRI mantra

Teachings on the most important mantra of Bön by Geshe Samten Tsukphu in Yeshe Sal Ling, St. Radegund bei Graz, Austria, May 14 - 15, 2016

Geshe Samten Tsukphu will teach about the most essential mantra of Bön: the MA-TRI mantra. He will teach the symbolism of the individual syllables and their connection to the Buddhas liberating the six realms of samsara.

In keeping with the emphasis of Yeshe Sal Ling on learning and teaching Bön ritual music, Geshe Samten will teach us the traditional melodies to which this mantra is recited. There are several special melodies for this mantra only. Also, one can use the "large ritual melody", which is important in its own right, as many rituals are performed to this melody.

During Geshe Samten's residence at Yeshe Sal Ling in May and June 2016, he will also give Tibetan courses for beginners and advanced students on four weekends, see our schedule. Geshe Samten will also supervise personal retreats, and in particular, dark retreats. Send email to with any questions.

See also Geshe Samten's Medicine Buddha teachings and guided practice in Yeshe Sal Ling May 26-29, 2016.

Geshe Samten Tsukphu has been connected with Yeshe Sal Ling from the start: he was - together with Lama Sangye Mönlam and Geshe Nyima Wangyal - one of the Lamas who worked intensively during the preparations of the inauguration. At the time, the three Lamas spent a week wrapping the 300 or so petchas of the Kanjur, installing all the mantras and other consecration materials in the Tonpa Shenrab statue and the little stupa in the library, and preparing the many tormas and other offerings and ritual objects for the consecration of Yeshe Sal Ling. We are very happy that he reenforces his connection to Yeshe Sal Ling by staying there in May and June 2016, teaching and supervising retreats.