Teachings and retreats in Yeshe Sal Ling

Winter 17/18 to Winter 2018

Whenever a Lama is in residence or visiting, drop in and join us for morning and evening meditation:

In Winter 2017/18 and Spring 2018, the Lamas in residence will, in all likelihood, be Also, longer personal retreats, including dark retreats under guidance and supervision of a Lama are possible. For information, send mail to tinyflame@rediffmail.com (Sophie) If you are interested in a longer dark retreat at a specific time, send mail (several months in advance) to inquire. It may be possible to invite a Lama specifically to supervise your retreat.

Volunteering - painting, cooking or cleaning in exchange for accommodation and teachings - is possible at certain times (roughly coinciding with the times that Lamas are present) Send mail to tinyflame@rediffmail.com (Sophie) for possible dates and other details.

If you have a special wish or need for teachings on a particular subject, send a message to tinyflame@rediffmail.com and your wish will be communicated to Lama Sangye, who might then teach or organize a teaching on the subject, maybe in the following year.

Previous events: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.